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Cash is a wonderful way of doing business, but barter is so much more fun, and usually a better deal for both parties. I am always looking for people willing to trade goods or services for artwork. This is my current wish list:

  1. A doctor and a dentist in the Tucson area willing to trade for routine services.

  2. A lawyer, preferably familiar with art law, willing to take a painting as retainer.

  3. A landscape architect and/or nursery. (I need to redo my back yard.)

  4. Plane tickets. (If the timing and destination are right.)

  5. A CPA in the Tucson area

  6. If you are recording a CD and I like the music, I will provide art for free. (So long as I get credit and a few copies.)
If you arenít on this list, feel free to email me with an offer.